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Featured on WordPress

Featured on WordPress


I don’t have a second husband, I haven’t spent anytime in mid-life alone, I’m indifferent to matching making websites—I have NO reason to want to read your blog…yet I want to read your blog!!! That’s what you call a good writer. Your writing appears simple, direct, to the point…it’s fun, amusing, entertaining, interesting…and i keep reading! You’re a definite inspiration!

Congratulations, your NaBloPoMo post was selected to be syndicated on BlogHer. …We want to feature it, moving it from the general well of NaBloPoMo posts onto the front page of NaBloPoMo and give it a little extra social media love.  Plus… we want to pay you for it.… Truly, always happy to feature great writing.
—M.F., NaBloPoMo Editor

Congratulations on your syndication on BlogHer. That is just fantastic, and I could not be happier for you. I am not the least bit surprised; I very much enjoy reading your blogs.

I’ve never heard anyone who waxed so beautifully poetic about ham hock and split pea soup.
New York

I love this post from “A Perfect Cup of Coffee: The Best Part of Waking Up” at The Midlife Second Wife – The Real and True Adventures of Remarriage in Middle Age. Marci shared it with us on Zabar’s Facebook wall and it’s been a nice introduction to her blog.
This is actually one of my favorite images from her blog, mostly because of the beautiful light on her porch. It just feels warm and inviting.

—From Zabar’s Blog
New York, New York

I cannot tell you how much I enjoy reading your MLSW blog! I know it is targeted to the female audience, but I can still love it…right? You are such a talented & gifted writer with so much insight into personal relationships.
South Carolina

I WANT MORE…!  Your title is perfect and the essay has me hooked!
I … admire your talent. Wishing you many more blessings to come.
I will stay tuned…(am I aging myself with that statement?)

I loved your article! You’re a fabulous writer. I found it funny, moving and so observant. I could identify with many things you wrote. And I’m sure many more will too.
Ontario, Canada

Maybe your article will get some more interest in the matchmaking sport AND YOU CAN BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR SOME HAPPINESS. Yes, a very good thing.:)

I’m so happy to support your blog! I actually sent your Richmond piece around today to some friends—what a wonderful story! So hopefully you’ll have new fans. I’m looking forward to trying your recipes! And reading more.”
Washington, DC

It’s been a delight to watch you craft this project. It looks terrific and I think its potential is huge. Great good luck with it – I’ll always be here, cheering you on!

Your writing is entertaining and thought-provoking and you should get it out there.
—A WordPress Blogger

Hey, love your blog.
—Another WordPress Blogger

Love your post and honesty. Well done.
— Another WordPress Blogger

I’m in awe over all the great writing you’ve been doing and the professionalism you’ve brought to Richmond’s writing scene.

I loved this article. Marci is a wonderful writer! I’ve been married for 25 years and haven’t had the experience of on-line dating but I hear a lot about it (I’m a therapist) and what Marci says is so “right on.” I love the line about the importance of knowing yourself when looking for a mate. Great words of wisdom!
New York

Congratulations on creating a blog that’s so full of content and so eminently readable!

I loved [Marci’s blog]. I read a lot of her writings and am considering her recipes.  She’s very talented.

I LOVE everything you have posted thus far. I have printed your recipes … love them. I look forward to reading anything and everything you write. You are one of my very favourite writers and authors. You have a way with words that I have always admired and loved. I am forwarding your Blog Site to a couple of my colleagues. I know they will love your Blogs as much as I do.
Ontario, Canada

Your blog [is] very interesting and informative.  The chicken recipe looks great as well.  Thanks for sharing it … maybe it will be on the menu here soon.

I have been enjoying your posts …. You are writing very personally, and instead of coming off egotistical (a danger with this kind of writing, I think), you come off as willing to make yourself vulnerable. That is so nice.

I really love your blog.

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  1. The Skeptical Woman said:

    Love your blog. Thanks for sharing!

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