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Bloggers are certainly a supportive and encouraging group! A compatriot has bestowed another award upon The Midlife Second Wife. “The Versatile Blogger Award” comes to me from a photographer in Minnesota who blogs at From Moments to Memories. My thanks to her for not only visiting and reading TMSW, but also for giving it some lovely emerald-green bling!

There are a few bits of housekeeping that go with accepting this award. In addition to thanking my nominator and linking to her site, I’m to share with you seven things about myself that you might not otherwise know. (Are there things about me that I haven’t already told you on this blog? Yes, gentle reader. There are.)

However. I’m going to save the list of revelations for the end of this article, because by my lights, the best thing about this award is not that I get to tell you more about me (blah-blah-blah-blog), but that I get to blog it forward by giving the award to 15 of my favorites.

I ask you now to imagine me wearing an Atelier Versace gown as I approach the microphone to announce these outstanding nominees and award winners. In no particular order, they are:

Diana Patient: Photography

Savory Simple

Momo Fali

Dating Dementia

Late Bloomer Bride

Simply Solo

Stirrup Queens

Pen in Hand: Words and Drawings by Karen Sandstrom

Jane in Her Infinite Wisdom

Love, Your Copyeditor


The Cooking Bride

ph.d. in creative writing

Sudden Flashes of Inspiration

MidLife Bloggers

Let’s give them a round of applause and a look-see!

And now, as promised, here are Seven Things You Don’t Know About TMSW
(and yes, they’re all true):

1. I was 13 years old before I learned how to ride a bike.

2. I met my first husband in divorce court.

3. I was told once that I had eye cancer.

4. Days later, I was told that I had thyroid cancer.

5. It turns out that I didn’t have eye cancer after all.

6. I did, however, indeed have thyroid cancer, but surgery and a “smart pill” laced with radioactive iodine fixed me up. (No, I don’t glow in the dark.)

7. I will write about these events, and more, in future editions of TMSW.

Let’s not end this post in a minor key. As Fran Drescher says, “Cancer Schmancer.”

I’m healthy, I’m married to the love of my life, I’ve got a wonderful son and great stepsons—they’re healthy, too—and I’m spending my days doing what I love: Writing. And cooking. And, it seems, passing around blogging awards like a kid in grade school, handing out cookies on her birthday. All in all, life is good.

I hope that life is good for you, too.