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Birthdays and anniversaries are big deals with me—always have been, always will be. Maybe it’s because I love cake. John and I met on the 14th of June, deliberately set the 14th for our nuptials 14 months later, and thereafter have marked our monthly wedding anniversary with some sort of modest pomp and circumstance. (When you marry in the second half of your life and know you’re not going to get a shot at the Great Big Golden 5-0, you learn to appreciate each day that you’re given, commemorating the smaller—but no less significant—watersheds. You get more cake that way, too.)

I’m thinking about anniversaries not because John and I are celebrating anything marriage related today (although in a sense, perhaps we are), but because today is the sixth-month anniversary of The Midlife Second Wife.

Six months of blogging bliss. I hope it’s that way for you. Tell me: would you follow me all over again?

As I think back on all of the posts (90!), pictures, and comments (448!), and the thrill at each new follower, I wonder where the time went. In truth, I know that a lot of it went into this digital enterprise, and I’ve loved every minute.

So….let’s celebrate! Since I can’t very well bake a cake and share it with all 296 of you, I’ve done the next best thing. Inspired by the Academy Awards, I’ve pulled the top five posts (as identified by WordPress on New Year’s Eve), to create this poll. Vote carefully. The results will be tabulated by Polldaddy Price Waterhouse and the winners announced by Billy Crystal during the live Oscars telecast. (Just kidding. Steve Martin will do the honors.)