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On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.” So went the famous New Yorker cartoon, now nearly 20 years old. (Or in dog years, 140). But in the age of Facebook, everybody can know not only whether you’re a dog, but what breed you are, what kind of kibble you like, and whether or not you’re in a relationship. And it’s not my intention to be species-exclusive here. You can find cats, ferrets, birds, and more on Facebook. Pets are on social media, and it is indeed a dog’s life.

The image you’re looking at is a screenshot of our Cavalier King Charles‘ new Facebook page. No, I don’t have too much time on my hands—I l just love Sandy to distraction. She’s the daughter I never had. (And she’s not the first dog in our family to have a Facebook page; her cousin Gunner beat her to it.)

If you look at the image that’s cropped at the bottom of the shot, you’ll see Sandy with John. This is the first picture I ever saw of my future husband; it illustrated his profile on Match.com. (You can read about how we met in my article for the Richmond Times-Dispatch.)

I first met Sandy when I visited John at his apartment. He had never had (nor heard of) tabouley, and I was about to set things straight. I parked my car near the grassy lot of his apartment complex, grabbed the container of salad, looked up, and saw a blur of brown and white fur barreling towards me. If you’ve never seen a dog smile, you haven’t truly lived. Sandy’s entire body was wagging, and her grin upon meeting me utterly did me in. I was putty in her paws.

(John has a very nice smile, too.)

It was only a matter of time before we became a family—and a blended one at that. John’s two sons, my son, his dog, my cat…

That reminds me: I have to create a Facebook page for Nellie.

Penelope “Nellie” Janas Rich

You can follow Sandy’s adventures by “friending” her on Facebook. Just search for Sandy Rich and look for the picture of Sandy with her love interest, Zorro Burman-Wadsworth. Sorry guys. She’s definitely in a relationship.

Sandy, on the right, with her love interest Zorro. Sandy is nearly five; Zorro is one. Sandy is a cougar.