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Who should be the next inductee in The Midlife Second Wives’ Hall of Fame?

Please send me your suggestions—either in the comments below, by email at marci (dot) keyword (at) gmail (dot) com, or on Twitter (@midlife2wife). It would help to include a sentence or two stating why you are nominating this person, and it would also help if the person is generally known. Celebrity isn’t a requirement, but having made a useful, lasting, or positive contribution to society is. We’re looking for role models here. If you feel strongly about nominating someone you know (but who is not known to others), I’ll ask you to include a brief, compelling paragraph supporting your nomination.

Can you nominate a man? You tell me! I don’t want this blog to be gender exclusive. But if you do nominate a man, please include a brief (and yes, compelling) statement as to why he deserves to be in the Midlife Second Wives’ Hall of Fame.

If you’re nominating a woman, she should also be (obviously) a second wife, but I’m relaxing the rules enough to allow you to nominate someone who might have been married eight times. (Can you say Elizabeth Taylor? Given the odds, she was bound to be at least one of her husband’s second wives.) By that example, you may infer that your nominee need not be a living person. Posthumous inductions are allowed and encouraged.

Who gets to decide who’s in? You do! When we have five on the list, you’ll rank them. The one with the most votes will be the next inductee. The remaining nominees will be placed on a future ballot, so if your nominee doesn’t make it the first time around, there will be other voting opportunities.

Questions? Confusions? Suggestions? Please send those to me, too.

Now make your voice and your choice known! Take a moment to honor someone with a nomination to the Midlife Second Wives’ Hall of Fame.

(It’s kind of like the GOP primaries, but without all the sniping.)