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Be the Queen (or King) of all the social media you survey with this handy book. SPOILER ALERT: there are photos of—and tweets from—Shaquille O’Neal inside!

If you use social media to further your business or enhance your brand profile, please keep reading. If your use of social media is purely recreational, but you would like to understand how it affects the ways in which information reaches us, thereby changing our cultural landscape, please keep reading. And if you claim not to use social media at all yet you are reading this blog, well, you just told a teensy little white lie, now didn’t you? Don’t worry. I won’t report you to the FBI-U (Federal Bureau of Internet Users). That agency probably doesn’t exist. And yet, you never know…*

The regular readers among you are aware that I attended the whopping big BlogHer12 conference in New York City last month. I’m still amazed by how many critically essential connections I made there, and by how much useful knowledge I gleaned. I’ll be writing a post soon, for example, about a wonderful new phenomenon known as the midlife blogger (Hey! That’s me!). But today I want to tell you about an energetic, inspiring, and game-changing woman that I met at my very first BlogHer session, on Pathfinder Day. I was trying to find my path in this labyrinth of social media, and Amy Jo Martin is helping me do it.

I had the pleasure of meeting the awesome Amy Jo Martin after her talk.

Amy Jo is the author of Renegades Write the Rules: How the Digital Royalty Use Social Media to Innovate. And with more than 1.2 million followers on Twitter, she knows whereof she writes and tweets. (Forbes Magazine named Amy Jo to its list of “Best-Branded Women on Twitter.) Because I learned so much from that BlogHer session with Amy Jo—and I’m learning so much by reading her book—I’d like to share that knowledge with you.

This Friday, Sept. 28, I will choose, at random, a Facebook fan of the Midlife Second Wife.** The lucky winner will receive an autographed copy of Renegades Write the Rules. If you’ve previously “liked” The Midlife Second Wife on Facebook, you’re already entered. But if you haven’t, and you’d love a chance to win this fascinating book, all you have to do is go to the blog’s page on Facebook and click “like.” I’ll announce the winner here and on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, on Monday, Oct. 1, and I’ll tell you a bit more about the book. Now isn’t that a great way to start a new month?

Really, that’s all it takes. “Like” the Midlife Second Wife on Facebook, and you have a chance to win. Just think, you have a chance to become a renegade and a member of digital royalty. Because even renegades know that it’s good to be the Queen. Or King. (Both are fine. We’re nothing if not inclusive here at TMSW!)

*Guess what I just learned? To be absolutely positively certain that my made-up agency is non-existent, I Googled it and lo and behold! I discovered that the FBI actually has an organization called iC3—the Internet Crime Complaint Center. You’ve now been warned. Remember Google’s original tagline: “Don’t be Evil.” And to paraphrase Amy Jo, perform “random acts of your own Shaqness.” This footnote has been brought to you as a public service of the Midlife Second Wife. You’re welcome.

**Here’s how the drawing will work. I will print out my Facebook list of “likers” and create an entry card by painstakingly cutting each name into a separate bit of paper. I’ll then put all the bits of paper in a beautiful box, and ask the Midlife Second Husband to draw the winner. (I’ll have removed his name and mine from the pool in advance.) Although I can’t afford to have accountants from Price Waterhouse verify the results, I do hope to video the drawing with my iPhone and share it here.