Oh hello. It’s me again, the Midlife Second Wife and Celebrity Dog Whisperer. (I promise to explain that designation in an upcoming post.) I wanted to let you know that an edited version of “The ‘L’ Word” has been published on KatieCouric.com as “Learning to Love Again.” If you have the time, I hope you’ll check it out. If you like what you read, by all means join the conversation and leave a comment on the thread. Or share it on your Facebook page or Twitter feed. If you don’t care for it all that much, that’s all right, too. All I ask is that you lift your hands slowly and carefully up from the keyboard. That’s it. Now stand—nice and easy. Turn around. Walk away from the computer. Go fix yourself a snack or something.

Did you have a chance to see the absolutely breathtaking Susan Sarandon on the program? It was a fascinating conversation about relationships and finding love after a divorce or breakup, and covered topics such as commitment, what it’s like for older women to date younger men, and ping-pong. (In addition to being an acting legend, Sarandon is something of an entrepreneuse; she’s co-owner of SPiN— a ping-pong social club in Manhattan with locations in Toronto, Los Angeles, and Milwaukee.)

I’m just glad that all I had to do for the show was be in the audience and send out live tweets. Having me up there playing ping-pong would not have made for good television.

Having seen the program twice now, I’ve come to the conclusion that the ping-pong segment is an apt metaphor for relationships. What do you think?

One final note: the segment featuring Dr. Terri Orbuch, the “Love Doctor,” was bumped in order to preview last night’s presidential debate. As soon as I receive word about a new air date I’ll let you know. If you’re on Twitter, I was live tweeting during the broadcast. You can find the tweets at [hashtag]katie or via my handle, [at]midlife2wife. A couple of my tweets are also featured on the show’s website.