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Self-portrait with Murad eye cream

Today we are going to talk about baggage, which—given the title of this blog—should come as no surprise. Longtime readers might remember an early post about baggage, but I should warn you that what you’re about to read concerns luggage of a different sort: the bags we’ve been hauling around under our eyes ever since passing through that fun house portal known as midlife.

I can’t remember when I first noticed mine, which suggests either a woeful lack of perception or a state of blissful denial. My almond-shaped brown eyes had always been my best feature, the only place on my face where one could discern anything resembling fine bone structure. (When I was taking my seat for my kindergarten school portrait, the photographer asked: “Where did you get those big brown eyes?” Without a moment’s hesitation, I told him: “My father.”)

It’s sad when what you take for granted goes away. Oh, the brown eyes are still there, although one of them betrayed me several years ago. And with prescription eyeglasses, I can see just fine, thank God. But when I look in the mirror, I can’t help but notice the bags underneath.

The Web site for the Mayo Clinic explains that the aging process causes the swelling and puffiness we see beneath our eyes. Because the tissues around our eyes, including some of the muscles supporting our eyelids, weaken, the fat that would ordinarily help support our eyes migrates forward into the lower eyelids, causing them to appear puffy. Fluid accumulates there, too. It’s all part of what I call the great downward migration.

As go the eyes, so go the breasts. But that’s another story.

Short of plastic surgery, what’s a gal to do?

The Mayo Clinic recommends the following:

  • Getting enough sleep at night
  • Sleeping with your head slightly elevated
  • Applying a cool compress, using mild pressure, to the skin under and around the eyes.

Now, I happen to love sleep and get lots of it, so that’s not an issue. Admittedly, I’m not good about employing the other remedies. But I do love me some good skin care products, and I believe I have found something that has reduced the appearance of that unsightly under-eye luggage.

Last year, Murad gave me some of their skin care products to try. Their Vitalic line had me at hello; I was smitten, and shared my enthusiasm on this site. I did, however, wish out loud that Murad had something else that might help me:

I think my skin looks great! Now if Murad has something to address those bags under my eyes....

I think my skin looks great! Now if Murad has something to address those bags under my eyes….

Although the Vitalic line does not include an eye cream, Ginelle Torres, Murad’s broadcast and digital media specialist, told me they had a product that I might find useful: the Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture for Eyes from Murad’s Age Reform brand.

SONY DSCI’ve been using this product since Ginelle sent it to me in November. Soon after receiving it, I had a professional photo taken. While I’m wearing makeup, including eye concealer, in the photo below, I think you’ll agree that there seems little evidence of under-eye bags. The photo has not been retouched, other than to obscure an object in the background that detracted from the shot.


Photo credit: Elli Morris

As with my other review for Murad, I made no promises that I’d write a positive review. I test the products and form my opinion. But here’s how much I love this eye cream:when I began running low, I shelled out $62 to buy it at Sephora.

So what is it about Murad’s Age Reform line that makes it so great? The PR materials claim to “effectively reduce the signs of aging resulting in smoother skin, restored resilience, and increased firmness.” In the case of the Ultimate Moisture for Eyes, the product features Murad’s proprietary Collagen Support Complex, which infuses the eye area with essential nutrients for immediate hydration to firm the eye area. Here are a few other features and benefits:

  • Osmolyte technology helps maintain critical water balance for more youthful-looking skin
  • A peptide blend, based on natural elastin, awakens eyes by improving skin firmness
  • Collagen Support Complex (in conjunction with Hyaluronic Acid) boosts skin’s resilience and smooths the appearance of fine lines
  • Immediately hydrates to firm and awaken eye area
  • Maintains optimal moisture levels for eight hours

If you’re still skeptical, let me tell you this: I rarely wear full makeup anymore. Working from home, I have the luxury of letting my face breathe. You’ve seen a picture of me in full makeup; here’s one I just took today, about an hour after applying the Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture for Eyes:


Photo taken June 2013

Now compare this with the photo from last year, when I began using Murad skin care products but did not yet have the Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture for Eyes:

I think my skin looks great! Now if Murad has something to address those bags under my eyes....

Photo taken October 2012

I see a considerable difference. Are my bags completely gone? No, of course not. But are they as overstuffed as in my bathrobe photo?

Well, you tell me. What do you think?

Now about those breasts…